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Since opening our doors in 1978, Just Kids Nostalgia has been a leader in the popular culture collectibles market. We have issued more than 100 auction catalogs over the years and have been privileged to help thousands of collectors build their collections.

If you are considering parting with your collection let us know. We will buy outright or sell for you on consignment.

Every collection gets the Just Kids touch. Our knowledge in popular culture spans three centuries.

Yes, we are looking for the rare and unusual but we will also give attention to the meat and potatoes that is part of every collection.  Get in touch with us today and start the conversation.


• Television Memorabilia
• Movie Posters • Vintage Hollywood Photography  • Toys •  Early Disney
• Superman, Batman & Superhero Action Figures and Toys • Video Games •  Autographs • LP’s & 45’s
• Radio Premiums & Pin Backs
• Music Memorabilia, including Beatles, Monkees, Rolling Stones, Elvis, Big Band, Jazz & The Blues , Gold Records & Artist Owned Material
• Cowboys, including Hopalong Cassidy & Roy Rogers
• Baseball & Sports – Non Sports Cards • Comic Books
• Original Illustration Art
• And More!

Current Auction

Random Underground Comix and Magazines including three comix with a strange alternate error on the covers. They just didn’t run through the press all four times.

• A variety of #1s…Marvel Comics
• A variety of Horror & Monster Mags
• Some signed Zacherle Mags, Comics and Contracts
• Fanzines, oddities and ephemera
• And much more!